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Crusaders hit the field for the 2005 season. Smart Choices, Commitment, Respect

Posted Tuesday, August 23, 2005 by Mike ODonnell
The Crusaders got up early to start the 2005 season. They showed up with numbers & enthusiasm. The word of the day was Smart Choices !. Three Crusaders got up & spoke about what they thought Smart Choices meant. We heard about doing better in school & taking school more seriously. Others talked about making the right choices after you have made a wrong one. Knowing the consquences of your actions & the effects it has on you & your family. Omar Ramirez , former player at Bryant college & the Stepinac 95 Championship team, stopped by to give back to his old school. He talked about how he wished he had made the choice to do better in school when he had chance. How it would have made his transition to college football easier. Coach Tom Mullin [ NY City Police Officer] talked about making smart choices with your family. Talking about 9/11 & talking about making the most of your choices. Coach O'D talked about when Eric Ogbogu spoke to team last year & talked about his Dream ! Making it to NFL, making it at a big time school. He had to make alot of right choices to get to where he is today. He didn't always like the rules, but he did well in school. He was an academic All American out of Maryland. He was not going to just rest on his football ability. He knew he could be cut any day of the week. He has built a very strong career with Under Armour to help when his playing days are over. Only 2 percent of HS players make to play college football. If we don't make the right choices you really limit how far you can go.
Practice finished with the Defensive teams doing pursuit drills. Running around field causing turnovers, the Stepinac Crusaders had a great day #1. We can't wait for Day #2 !
Tomorrow's word of day is Commitment !

Day 2 is over. Great efforts put in by Brian Bryne, Ryan Carson & Fabrin Cabrera. All the Crusaders showed up ready to go & were challenged by a fast paced practice schedule. The word today was Commitment. Three Crusaders got up & spoke about what they thought commitment meant. They talk about getting the most out of what they do, how they knew that there friends were at beach, but they made a commitment to play Varsity football. This made them special! Not everyone could do what they do & more importantly not many people would sacrifice so much to be part of a team.
Coach Demarco commented on what kind of commitment it takes to Coach High school football. He talked about what kind of commitment the coaches make to coach at Stepinac & what it meant to him. He spoke about why he has comeback to coach. How his coaches many years ago made an impression on him about commitment.

Lou Holtz once said " How good do you want to be ? If your answer is good enough to get by, then a commitment to excellence is not necessary. But if your complete honest answer is, the best, you must make a total commitment to excellence."
" You don't have to tell anyone about your commitment, because actions speak louder than words. People will see your commitment in the time you put into practicing and the way you practice."
'Never be ashamed to admit you want to be the best. Your answer should be, why not the best?" Don't be satisfied until you get what you want."
" I often wonder how people can be at peace with themselves or totally happy when they have not made such a commitment. How do they justify their lives- how do they go day after day without making an honest effort to be the best at what they do? It's up to you. If you refuse to settle for less than the best, you'll probably become the best."

Lou Holtz was a great football coach at all Levels & even a better motivational speaker.
Make the Commitment to Excellence!

tomorrow's word of day is RESPECT!

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