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Freshman Football- August 19th at 9am

Posted Monday, August 12, 2013 by Mike O'Donnell

Crusaders News

Posted Thursday, July 25, 2013 by Mike O'Donnell

All players & Parents are asked to register on our website.
Players should register once  at http://stepinacfootball.stackvarsity.com/members/reg/default.asp
please register for Fall of 2013 on Freshman Football Team

Parents can register http://stepinacfootball.stackvarsity.com/members/reg/default.asp
under same  but register as  a parent.

you will then in  a day or so will receive a confirmation email from site saying you have been approved.
 -Please only register once
-remember your password
-when you receive confirmation email please fill out all information including cell phone number & carrier
this is how we contact in case of emergency or cancellation. You will receive Text message & emails for us.

Practice begins on Monday August 19th at 9 am & will end at 1:30 pm that day
Practice will run from 9am till 11:30 am & 1:30 till 3:30 pm each day Monday Thru Friday until school begins
There will be practice on Sat 24th as well / Time will be announced.
Freshman will scrimmage at 12:30 on Sat Aug 31 at Stepinac
There will be no practice on Sunday's or Monday Labor Day for Freshman.
Practice will resume on Tuesday Sept 3 rd at 2:45pm till around 5:30

NY State requires each player to have 17 days of practice before  1st game.. It is important that all players are in attendance for every practice.

During School year Practices will be held after school each day. 2:45 till 6:00pm. We are working on a mandatory study hall session each day as well.
Games will be on Sat mornings. Schedule is on website under schedules.

The roster on Website is used for game rosters. Please spell names correctly. Use Capital letters in front  for first & Last names.

We will be holding a Parents information meeting which one parent & every player must attend. Meeting time & place will be announced.

Every athlete must have a Sports Physical on File with school nurse. they will meet the nurse on Monday August 19th

The athletes will meet coaches & be brought up to nurse to get partcipation cards. Physical papers must be submitted two weeks prior to August 19th.
Sports physical form


Freshman Football Fee will be assessed to all players through our Tuition payment service. this year the Freshman Football Fee will be  $ 250. This Fee will be billed in a  3 month period with your tuition  $100 first month, $100 2nd month, $50 third month.
The Fee helps us keep our programs to be the best around. Each player will receive: a practice Jersey [20] , Girdle [ 45] Mouth pieces [ 10], T shirt- shorts- Hoody  [55] all these items will be theirs to keep. These items come out to about $130. Each player has a secondary insurance policy through school as well . The school will out fit every player with Shoulder Pads, Helmet, Knee pads, Practice pants, Game pants, Game jerseys. These items belong to school & must be returned if a player quits or leaves team for any other reason. There are no refunds once player makes team & is on roster.

Athletic handbook
It is very important that all players read athletic handbook & abide by rules that are stated there.
Make special note to  hazing, Social Media.

Summer reading

It is unfortunate that many of our kids believe that reading is  some kind of punishment. Reading opens up so many new worlds to everyone. It is  a known fact that the more your read the higher your SAT scores will be.  So reading helps each & every one of us. many Freshman don't believe that they will be tested in week 1 on books read over summer. That is a fact . You will be tested & it might happen the very first time you meet your new teacher. So be prepared . Read your Books.

Stepinac Football
Enthusiasm makes the Difference

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