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ESPN Rise- recruiting

Posted Monday, April 11, 2011 by Rise magazine

ESPN RISE Recruiting Road


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Brian A Giuffra 08/24/10

The recruiting game changes on Sept. 1

The recruiting process heats up during the season; 'In the summertime you’re very limited as far as what you can do.' – Dan Hawkins, University of Colorado head football coach

Pete Lembo_Elon Head Coach.JPG
Elon head coach Pete Lembo: “As coaching staffs get engrossed in the rigors of the season, their ability to dedicate a substantial time to recruiting is cut back." Photo By: Elon Athletic Department

Editor's Note: How do you get recruited by a college? Depending on your skill level, academic standing and future plans, the answer will vary. ESPN RISE will address college recruiting concerns. We will discuss every level of college football: Division I, I-AA, II, III and junior college and get advice straight from the people who are doing the recruiting. We will also be talking with players who have recently been through the recruiting process and get their advice for the next wave of college football players.

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September 1 is a magical day for college recruiting. That’s when college coaches can start calling seniors, when they can start sending juniors letters in the mail, and when they get to go see teams play live in games. As the magical day approaches, ESPN RISE spoke with members of four Division I programs to give you a better idea of what recruiting changes are in store once the season starts.

Question: How does the recruiting process change once the season starts?

Dave Emerick, Director of On Campus Recruiting at The University of Arizona 
“September 1 allows us to do a few things. We can start calling juniors, which gives us the chance to have more interaction with them. It also gives us the chance to evaluate kids in their senior year. We can start making phone calls to prospects one time a week and we can eventually go out and start seeing games. For the recruit the phone will start to ring more. They just need to balance their time and set aside some time each day where they’re focused on recruiting.”

Dan Hawkins, University of Colorado head coach
“In the summertime you’re very limited as far as what you can do. But once the season gets going and they start back to school, you want to start calling those guys once a week. Then you start sending coaches out to see them play. For the player the next phase is knowing that people are going be calling, but we only call once a week. They can call us as much as they want and email is unlimited. But as far as a coach is concerned, you can call once a week once school gets going.”

Pete Lembo, Elon University head coach
“As coaching staffs get engrossed in the rigors of the season, their ability to dedicate a substantial time to recruiting is cut back because of game planning and spending time with the players getting ready for the games every weekend. But that being said, we still work on recruiting every day and continue to build those relationships with recruits as we follow each others progress through the season.”

Marcel Yates, Boise State secondary coach
“Coaches have a chance to talk to kids more. You can call them once a week and then you have a chance to go out and evaluate how they play in their senior season. All the guys who you need to see more film on or whom you need to see play, you can do that after September 1 of their senior season. Getting to see them play is huge because sometimes a kid can look good on film or a kid can look bad on film. But once you see him in person it’s easier to tell if he’s better than what you thought or if he’s not as good as what you thought.”




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