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Last Decade of Turkey Bowl

Posted Wednesday, November 24, 2010 by Mike O'Donnell


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Stepinac-White Plains: Turkey Bowl History

Quick facts and information about the White Plains-Stepinac rivalry, which will be renewed on Thanksgiving Day.


History of Stepinac vs. White Plains

Quick Facts:
- This is the 40th matchup between White Plains and Stepinac. White Plains currently leads the series 27-12.
- The longest winning streak for either team was 8 games by White Plains (1989-1996).
- This is Stepinac’s first undefeated season in school history.
- White Plains has been undefeated 15 times in school history but only twice since they started playing Stepinac.
- The Turkey Bowl was held at Highlands Middle school, the old high school, until 2008 when the current high school stadium was built.
Fact you probably didn’t know: This is the 40th meeting between White Plains and Stepinac, but White Plains has actually been playing on Thanksgiving since 1932. The Tigers’ first “Turkey Bowl” was played at White Plains against Indiana state champion Central High School. For years, White Plains played state champions from around the country until the Stepinac rivalry was created.
Greatest performances:
White Plains: The White Plains coaching staff still brag about the Summers brothers (Mike and Quincy) performances on the teams of the 90’s. The pair of brothers went head-to-head with the Ogbogu brothers and came out on top. In recent years, Ike Nduka and Darryl Schuler both had great Turkey Bowl performances, with Schuler setting the game’s rushing record with 242 yards last year.
Stepinac: O’Donnell believes that of all the great players from Stepinac history, some of the more recent players come to mind. “Tyler Nugent in 2001, that was a great performance all-around,” O’Donnell said. “Then two years ago, Rashaad Slowley had a great game. And in 2007, Joe Collins played a great game…That’s the thing about the Turkey Bowl. The numbers and stuff are there, but they don’t tell the whole story. When you’re on the field, you see who the real players are.”
Last decade’s winners:
2009: White Plains
2008: Stepinac
2007: Stepinac
2006: Stepinac
2005: White Plains
2004: White Plains
2003: White Plains
2002: White Plains
2001: Stepinac
2000: Stepinac

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