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Stepinac's Ogbogu in Super Bowl commercial

Posted Tuesday, January 29, 2008 by juournal news
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Stepinac's Ogbogu to appear in Super Bowl ad
Jeff Gold ? The Journal News ? January 29, 2008

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Super Bowl commercials have featured a football championship anthology between beer bottles, talking frogs and a game of "H-O-R-S-E" between Michael Jordan and Larry Bird.

According to Eric Ogbogu, another memorable Super Bowl commercial is on its way, and it's coming at some point in the first quarter.

Ogbogu - a former all-American from Stepinac who played eight years in the NFL with the Jets, Bengals and Cowboys - stars in a 60-second spot for Under Armour, a sports apparel brand.

The commercial shows Under Armour's new line of performance trainer shoes, the company's first non-cleated training shoe. In addition to Ogbogu, the spot features 25 other professional athletes, including Brandon Jacobs and Ray Lewis.

"You just got to see this," he said. "I've seen it 100 times. It's something else."

Ogbogu will be at the Super Bowl watching in a luxury box, but he said he'll be sure to look up at the commercial.

"Oh, believe me, this is huge. I'm not going to miss it," he said. "You want to see it like everyone else."

But if he somehow misses it, he'll be able to view it when he returns to his Maryland home.

"I got three TiVo'," he said. "I'll watch it many more times. People should TiVo this."

Ogbogu wouldn't reveal what made this commercial so special, saying only, "We're making a statement about where we are headed as a company. It is completely different from any other Under Armour commercial."

Ogbogu's connection to Under Armour comes from his relationship with Kevin Plank, the founder and CEO of the company. The two were teammates at the University of Maryland.

Plank built the company, which had revenue of $605 million in 2007, and Ogbogu pursued his dream of playing pro football. Plank would ask Ogbogu, who wore the apparel during NFL games, for an occasional favor every now and then to appear in some print advertisements.

"I hate that word 'model,' but I do frequently hear how gorgeous I am from all the ladies," Ogbogu said.

Ogbogu, a defensive end who finished his career with nine sacks, retired after the 2005 season. His occasional work with Under Armour turned into a full-time job last June. The Super Bowl commercial will be Ogbogu's seventh.

"I would have loved to play 15 or 20 years, but I've made a good transition to everyday life," he said.

This Sunday will be a highlight.

"It's definitely exciting considering all the years I've been watching," Ogbogu said. "We're making history for the company. We can't wait."

Reach Jeff Gold at jgold@lohud.com.

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