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Directions by Car to St John the Baptist

Posted Monday, October 09, 2006 by Mike ODonnell

Distance Maps
1: Start out going SOUTH on MAMARONECK AVE toward RIDGEWAY. 2.9 miles Map

2: Merge onto I-95 S (Portions toll). 11.4 miles Map

3: Keep LEFT to take I-695 S via EXIT 7A toward I-295 / THROGS NECK BR / LONG ISLAND (Portions toll). 1.8 miles Map

4: I-695 S becomes I-295 S. 2.1 miles Map

5: Take the CROSS IS PKWY exit toward EASTERN L I. 0.4 miles Map

6: Merge onto CROSS ISLAND PKWY S. 8.5 miles Map

7: Take the SOUTHERN STATE PKWY EAST exit- EXIT 25A- on the LEFT toward EASTERN LONG IS. 0.4 miles Map

8: Merge onto SOUTHERN PKWY E / SOUTHERN STATE PKWY. 24.5 miles Map

9: Take the ROBERT MOSES CAUSEWAY SOUTH exit- EXIT 40- toward OCEAN BEACHES. 0.2 miles Map

10: Merge onto ROBERT MOSES CSWY S. 2.2 miles Map

11: Take the RT-27A W exit- EXIT RM2W- toward BABYLON. 0.2 miles Map

12: Turn RIGHT onto MONTAUK HWY / NY-27A. 0.1 miles Map

13: End at 1170 Montauk Hwy
West Islip, NY 11795-4928, US Map

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